Monday, December 15, 2008

fa la la la la

Look how cute Joel McHale is with his baby boy on Keith Olbermann.

How come everything I want is so expensive? It sucks. For Christmas all I mainly want is these running pants for cold weather and of course they're like $89. I'd almost rather have some Seven jeans for that, or half a pair rather. And I want this running shirt that wicks (that word is funny) but also keeps you warm and of course that is like $45. Dammit. Other than that though, all I really need is a good book and I'm happy. Happy happy happy. (Okay, and maybe this sweater.)

Today my boss is wearing his super amusing American flag sweater. In a meeting this morning I wrote down some of his quote for Shari since she's not here, and we think he's hilarious without meaning to be. Here are some of the things he said with great seriousness:

"I may have forgotten, for which I apologize if I did. My apologies."

"Take a look at the symptomology and diagnosticity."

"I want to answer that question definitively for you."

"I may not have been as precise as I should have been."

"We will make it unequivocal."

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Kate said...

But, you know, how can Santa know what to do if you don't list any SIZES?