Thursday, December 18, 2008

inclement weather policy

Getting to work today involved pre-dawn walking through snow drifts and getting on the 6:10 bus into Seattle which was crawling sorta slowly but we made it. Once we were downtown though the buses weren't going up the hill so I walked up it. I saw cars spinning around in circles and careening through intersections. That added some excitement to my resentment for the cold and the incline. I'm sitting here watching huge flakes fall down and it's so pretty and magical but I'm definitely a grown-up cause I've got my mind on how to get home and stay out of the snow as much as possible. Once I get home I'm making peppermint marshmallows with red swirls in them for the kids (I got the peppermint swirl idea from Tiffany) and also dark hot chocolate to put them in. This is my snow day policy.

Oh! So yesterday Shari was listening to this radio show she listens to every day called the Men's Room, she loves it and has met the guys at events and stuff. So she was saying "Steve is talking about his wife and I just wonder if she's black or white. He's talked about her before but he hasn't said of course, and I'm just curious because he's black. I'm thinking maybe she's not black though because he says she has a flat booty." I said "I'll email and ask him for you" and she loved that. So I emailed this to Steve:

Dear Steve.

You've talked about your wife Betsy a couple of times and we can't tell if she's black or white. We think that maybe she's not black because you've said her booty isn't that big and also, her name is Betsy. Come on. But you did say she looks like she's smuggling two bald men under her shirt (on your first date, remember?) and so that makes us think she's a white chick with implants.

Please guide me.

Love always,
So within 30 minutes I got this email back from him:

Well, her boobs are real, but she's Jewish/ Catholic. Jews don't consider themselves white, so whatever. Anyway, she's not black, but I'm not one of those people who cares about such things.
I tried to reply and ask him another annoying question but he had BLOCKED ME! My email came right back and said that doman was set to reject my emails. Shari said "Are you really surprised?"

Look at these old people rapping in a church choir! I like the Hey Ya part best. No wait, I like Hot In Here (Herre? Herrre?) best.


Jona said...

So I was standing at the open refrigerator, eating mini cupcakes, watching the senior citizens singing on the computer on my kitchen table. At the Hey Ya part where the lady goes "OoooooooooO oOOOOOoOOOOHHH!" I started laughing and shot a mini-cupcake out of my mouth and it hit the screen. Why do you do this to me!?

Shari said...

I'm kinda sad that I decided to work from home today. I wish I would have been able to walk up the hill with you & watch the cars sliding down the hill.

I love the fact that you e-mailed Steve from the Men's Room. That is one of the funniest (and nicest) thing you've done, ever. Don't ask me to explain it, I just love it.

Oh and post the peppermint marshmallows recipe on your recipe blog - sounds delicious!

Simone said...

I AM surprised he blocked you. I mean, he doesn't know all the other shit you say (if he did, THEN I would understand) so he shouldn't have blocked you. Then again, maybe you just radiate your ways resulting in fear and subsequent action to avoid future attacks.