Wednesday, May 7, 2008

stephy vs. the dress code policy

Today my boss called me into his office and closed the door. That means it's either really good or really bad. Boss said "The Big Boss said she saw that you are wearing jeans today, and that's against the dress code." Hysterical, right? They're my Nice Jeans, too. So I wrote this at the union's message board:

Today I was reprimanded for wearing jeans. I know the dress code says "no jeans" but I wore them because they are tailored Banana Republic jeans and less ratty than many things I see other people wearing. So after my reprimand today I went around the office and took a gander at what every one else was wearing. Here is what I saw:

-one cat sweatshirt

-one Hawaiian print shirt over a t-shirt that says "OINGO BOINGO"

-pleated khakis in abundance (ew, PLEATED? Have some self-respect!)

-exposed tattoos (supposedly against the dress code)

-skirts WITH white shoes and white socks. I mean, how much less professional (and less attractive) can you really make yourself?

Just my observations.


Rye said...

Sounds like my office. Our accountant once was cowering behind her desk, hiding from our VP because she was wearing flip-flops.

Simone said...

I'm so glad you finally spoke up about the cat shirt! I can't believe someone was really wearing one when you surveyed the office!

Do you think Carleen dobbed you in?

nancypants said...

A cat shirt? (Was the cat wearing aerobics clothes? Leg warmers and such?) (((shudder)))

California Girl said...

I have tattoos and keep them covered up, which is kinda funny when you realize I work in a place where there is gambling, drinking, smoking and the brothels are just a block away. But a cat shirt - oh puh-leaze!