Tuesday, May 6, 2008

judah's amazing art

I'm such a proud mommy. Here is some of my six-year-old's recent art.

He drew this Indian. (Can you say Indian anymore? Native American?) He is thinking about an arrow.


Here is his epitaph he did for is now-deceased fish, Jon.


He calls this one "The Dangerous Deadness."


He calls this one "The Craziness."



Jamie Brouwer said...

Is the native a Monart project? It looks suspiciously so. I love it.

nancypants said...

They are called "First Nations People" here in Canada. And that is an incredible piece of artwork! Awesome Job Judah!

punkrockchris said...

Dangerous Deadness is a great name for a band or an album or even a novel. That's awesome.

Team Wolfisaki said...

the first one looks nothing like the rest of them, he has some kind of range.