Monday, May 19, 2008

6 things

1. Today I allowed myself only 5 minutes of self-contempt, and it was nice. Doing that all day is too exhausting.

2. These Loeffler Randall sandals make my mouth water and they're on eBay right now but the bidding starts at $485 and I sort of want to cry.


3. But I did find this book on "Marriage Hygiene" from 1934 for only $5. Yay eBay after all! I'm sort of obsessed with vintage health and hygiene books, and vintage cookbooks...don't know why.


3. I got this email today from Rhonda (aka Pie)

* * * * *
From: Pie
Subject: remember to floss

Rocky our cat has a piece of what is believed to be dental floss hanging out of his butthole. I'm trying to convince Heath to pull it out but he won't concede.

* * * * *

It made me smile because it's just like my grandaddy used to say, "That boy's too lazy to pull a greasy string out of a cat's ass."

4. The Miffy stop-animation is so adorable it makes me grit my teeth!


5. The kids on the beach this weekend were even more adorable-er.


6. I do look forward to the day when my daughter doesn't draw on our stuff with red lipstick. I love the combination of aqua and red, though. I predict it will be the new blue/brown.


[Backstory: Little Lolly was locked in the bathroom and would not come out. She sounded muffled: "Hi mommy. No. No I won't open the door." I got daddy on speakerphone and put the phone under the door to talk to her, she was still muffled. "Hi daddy! Nope. Sowwy." After half an hour of jiggling various metal pointy things in the lock I finally got it open and the little button was curled up in the corner under a towel with lipstick renderings all over the mirror...she knew how naughty she'd been.]


Team Wolfisaki said...

Ohhhh, aqua and red... me like me like

Anonymous said...

At least the lipstick was on the mirror this time and not the couch, walls, the child, etc.

Simone said...

The kids at the beach are so cute! I don't like those shoes AT ALL! I wouldn't pay $4 for them!

I think I'll be telling that Lolly story for the rest of my life. It's amazing.

Shari, I think the lipstick coloured hand prints suggest there was at least some lipstick on the child.