Wednesday, March 5, 2008

it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth

I'm at my new desk today! It is full of glamour. I'm right by the window and Shari (rad coworker) and Alecia (another rad coworker) sit behind me. We got along great today. Maybe tomorrow everything will hit the fan. I am right by the window which is perking me up like nobody's business. However. I also smell like a tanning bed and it's driving me crazy. So disturbing. Is it my newfound proximity to sunshine? Newfound proximity to the homeless schizophrenics congregating just outside to get their meds? Somebody had better do something around here! (That's a fantastic line from The Room, of which I received three copies for my birthday. You have to see it.)

Did you see American Idol? Quickly: I loved, loved when Danny Noriega said he "turned red like a cute little tomato." I loved when the dreds guy sang Hallelujah. I loved when the child prodigy guy played the Phil Collins song. That Wham song was gayer than an Easter basket. It was almost gayer than Danny Noriega. I liked that the guy with the contrived hair sang that Lionel Ritchie song but he himself...I sort of wanted to beat him in the neck with his left-handed guitar.

Vanpool time!


Carrie said...

Can I buy one of your copies of The Room????

stephy said...

Oh sorry, I already gifted them away. But it's only like $11 on amazon.

my girl hazel said...

i'm so glad you watch AI too...i'm not impressed with anyone yet. haven't voted once.
have you heard that the one guy who can sing used to be a stripper?

stephy said...

yeah! seen the pictures? they're not that bad (sleaze-wise). they're much less gay than danny.

Simone said...

Is Danny Noriega officially gay? Like has he filled out the gay paperwork? I saw a story on MSN today "Is America ready for a gay idol" and I'm wondering if it's him. I haven't watched a single episode since the auditions ended. I don't understand people who don't like that part.