Monday, March 10, 2008

10 things

Everyone else is doing this so I will too.

10 things you may not know about me:

1. I was born in Colorado, then lived in Okalahoma, then moved to Arkansas, and then moved to Texas when I was 19. I miss the south every day of my life, but I still love living here.

2. I fall asleep thinking about how excited I am for coffee in the morning.

3. I decided I wanted to marry my husband after I read his children’s novel, but I hadn’t met him in person yet.

4. I hate checking voicemail more than just about anything.

5. I love Jessica Simpson. That's massively lame, but she reminds me of my friends back home.

6. I took piano for 12 years and used to teach lessons in college. I majored in piano performance for a semester until I decided I probably couldn’t make any money with that degree.

7. Hmm.

8. I ran the Austin Marathon my senior year of college, but I didn’t finish. At mile 22 my toes started bleeding through my shoes so I stopped and got on a pickup truck to the finish line.

9. I’m insatiable when it comes to new music and I make a mix cd every month.

10. I don't respect people who can’t explain why they believe what they believe. Same with people who say they will never change their minds on something. I think it’s such a waste of your brain, soul, and your humanity to close yourself off like that just because those things are too uncomfortable to think about. But I admire so much people who are willing to struggle with difficult ideas and be open to changing their minds for the sake of living closer to the truth.


nancypants said...

Hi Stephy, was just poking around Myspace and followed your link here. I'll have to check out your recipe blog... I still make your "flaming casserole" now and then. :^)

Have you heard of and (Ree, at Pioneer Woman, which is her main blog, is hilarious...) I have a feeling you'll really like them.

Off to check out some of your book recommendations in your sidebar.

California Girl said...

#7 hit me like a thunderbolt. I can't imagine hearing that from anyone, let alone my parents. I am so sorry. And I totally agree with you on #10.

stephy said...

Hi Nancy, yes I love Ree! Her photography and her recipes are incredible.
California girl, thanks for saying that, your acknowledgment actually means a lot.

Simone said...

I knew 4.5 of those things! I knew you played piano, but not that extent. Sorry about your bleedin' toes! I'm excited to know you were born in Colorado!

nancypants said...

I had a feeling you might already be a Ree aficionado. I knew her from a long time back on a homeschooling message board and have been reading her blog since the day she started it. It's been so fun to watch her popularity grow. :^) The only problem I have is that it's just too hard to not want to be her.

Did you check out that link? (Of course I got it from Ree so you probably had already seen it too.) :^D I think I gain a couple of pounds every time I go to that site. My oldest is *making* me make the ding dong cake for his upcoming birthday. Oh... twist my arm little boy! HA!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Number 7 makes me want to cry and just give you a hug.

Jamie Brouwer said...

As far as the bleeding toes go, I would like to remind you of a certain movie about a certain gymnast who did her perfect "10" routine with a cast and a bleeding wrist even after all those other girls called her fat. Maybe we should not be so quick to judge my favorite childhood movie and instead keep a little something from NADIA in our hearts. Just think about it on your next marathon.

Team Wolfisaki said...

2 and 4 baby, you and me. almost makes me shed a tear to know that somebody out there smiles last thing of the day at the thought of coffee first thing the next, and that it makes your stomach almost turn all the way over knowing that someone left a voicemail at 1 o'clock this afternoon and i probably should check that sometime before bed tonight. But then there's bed tonight.... And then that means i will be so excited to think about waking up for coffee in the morning. i heart you so big.