Tuesday, March 18, 2008


David's band finished their new album last week but they just got a call from the cd duplicator guy and he said "I'm not going to print your cds because they have boobs on them." Phil said "But every cd looks like a boob. So you print boobs all day long, and the fact that you won't print ours just really makes me laugh."

Here is the objectionable art, done by our friend Dawn. It's like a juxtaposition of racks. (It's the only size I could get the pic in.)



Simone said...

That image is provoking unwholesome thoughts and behaviours in me. Kudos tot he CD duplicator for protecting the rest of society from it!

Jamie Brouwer said...

Dawn gave that same print to Josh as a Batchelor party gift. It is hanging in our bedroom. I also find it provocative. And that is why we hung it there.

Jason said...

Because it has boobs on it? Right before a trip to New York. I'm probably not coming back.