Tuesday, March 11, 2008

gooey duck

Last night was story group. It was the fifth time we’ve met and we’re starting to get more okay with each other. What stands out to me about last night is how remarkable it is to see men break down and cry. You never see that. Last night I felt like someone was pandering to the group by telling the shiny, happy version of their stories. I felt I wasn’t getting the real them and we had to talk about it because that's how the group works, and it was good because now we can start to get to the real side of that person, rather than the positive-spin-on-everything version. My bullshit detector is super sensitive. My gaydar is not as accurate, but I have a good nose for bullshit. It’s actually a pain in the ass because it would be way easier to be okay with people’s pat answers and shallow stories, but at least it pushes me towards real, actual relationships, or at least the counselors tell me.

Shari just told me about the geoduck. It’s a clam but you say it like “gooey duck.” How. Did. I. Not. Know. About. This???



And here are some things Adam Carolla said this morning-

“I reached my saturation on Dane Cook about 6 months ago, and now I’m going to add John Mayer to that list.”

Teresa: “Do you know what was voted the gayest song?”
Adam: “Rambling Gloryhole Man by Katrina and the AIDS?”

Teresa: “Tests have shown that drugs have been found in the water supply of major cities.”
Adam: “Don’t care. What are we complaining about? Anywhere else in the world you turn on a faucet and feces comes out like soft swirl.”

Teresa: “John Mellencamp was born with a birth defect and wasn’t supposed to survive.”
Adam: “And now we have a bunch of crappy songs about the heartland.”

“Talking to Paula Abdul is like talking to a 3 yr old at a wedding, you know, ‘Go tell the bride she’s very beautiful’ and the kid just starts crying or starts yammering about anything but what you said.”

Here's Paula on Letterman last night, so funny!


Jamie Brouwer said...

How did you not know about the gooey duck? Honestly I think it is one of the most disgusting things in the world and it reminds me of the male part. My friend/ roommate in College, Robyn has a song that goes ... "dig a gooey duck, dig a gooey duck, dig a gooey duck a day.." Apparently in Japan they are a rare delicacy and cost like $200 per lb. SICK.

Faith said...

well, shit, who needs dildos? actually, they (the gooey ducks) taste really good...

bandwidow said...

ah, the geoduck.

Marissa said...

Dude. That's gross.

Simone said...

That gooey duck is about the most terrifying thing I've seen in my life.

I'm disappointed that Adam Carolla only reached saturation point with Dane Cook six months ago. I *heart* the gayest song!

mushroommeadows said...

Do you eat gooey ducks? :((((

Anyway, I sent you the print and included a couple sheets that were supposed to be labels. :( The guy at the print shop had a REALLY hard time printing them on the label sheets...so after a long, frustrating try, he gave up. So I thought I would include them just in case Lolly wanted to cut them up and have a ball. :D

nancypants said...

That clam is the scariest thing on God's green earth. Flargh!! Yikes. (((shudder))) Do people keep them as pets or something?