Thursday, August 7, 2008

road trip quotes from the east coast tour

[We were driving through a tunnel to Manhattan.]
Gregg: "I wonder if there are any terrorists in this tunnel. I love that you can't bring your soy yogurt on the airplane but that United van in front of us is probably full of explosives. They won't search people before driving into the tunnel because that's too much trouble. They're like, we'd rather fuck with YOU so you can't bring hummus on the plane."

[Simone & I were talking about camel toe and a bystander's amazing rack. ]
Gregg: "This is like touring with men."

[People everywhere were frantically videotaping and photographing stuff. ]
Mike: "No one experiences anything anymore. They're too busy capturing the moment they never had."

[Gregg hated when Simone & I listened to November Rain. He looked pained by the chorus.]
G: "What the fuck does that MEAN?"
Simone: "It MEANS that nothing lasts forever, even COLD NOVEMBER RAIN!! ...I think it's pretty straightforward."


Simone said...

Mike's sentiment was spot on, but it was inspired by my blog:

Kate said...

I hate it when cameras don't work and people want to look at the instructions so that they can properly photograph the moment. It always catapults me into "I want to EXPERIENCE this" mode (somewhat beligerently).

But I love looking back at photos of things I otherwise wouldn't remember.