Monday, August 18, 2008

dolly bird

Carrie sent me this link to Butter London nailpolish and I spent way too much time looking at all of it. I'm a sucker for packaging and good color (colour?) names. Of these I want Billie No Mates, Crumpet, Dolly Bird, Fash Pack, Yummy Mummy. Please and thank you.

I was reading Charles Bukowski's selected letters (vol. 4) and this quote stood out, it made me think of aftershows in L.A.

From Bukowski to Gerald Locklin:

"That after-premiere gathering was one of the worst. I felt mutilated and de-balled. There was a heavy nothingness in the air, black, stuffy. Barbet described it best when he walked up to me and said 'God, these people are horrible! I feel like my whole body is covered with shit!' That cheered me, and soon after I talked Linda into
getting out of there. And when I leave a place with free drinks, Lock, you know that place is minus zero plus zero = a nothingness worse than can be described."

Last night we watched the Metallica documentary. Those guys need to quit. The whole songwriting and producing and recording process was so arduous and uninspired and they sounded like Christian metal.


Simone said...

I'm sorry the profoundness of "my lifestyle, determines my death style" went over your head in the Metallica documentary.

I love when Lars' dad comes to visit and thinks it sounds like crap! Way to go Mr Ulrich! (P.S. Your son is also a douchebag)

OH! If you still have the DVD, you HAVE to watch the bonus features but maybe it's on a second disc). There's this great part where they have a little party for Kirk's birthday, but no-one told Lars so he gets all sulky saying he didn't know to dress for it (the theme was Hawaiian) and he didn't know to bring a present, but he can't shut up about it and it is soon revealed that he's just upset because no-one does that for his birthday!

Ryan said...

Seriously, I couldn't agree more w/ the Metallica opinion. They used to totally rock. They were known as Alcoholica back in the day. St. Anger was a huge piece of crap and the new stuff doesn't sound any better. I can't believe I'm saying this but either start drinking again or just break up for good and stop getting my hopes up for another "Ride the Lightening" or "Black Album"