Monday, August 18, 2008

fyi and thank you

Last Monday my boss asked "How was your weekend?" and I said "Good, how was yours?" and then he said "Pleasant, thank you." He put some extra oomph into the pleasant. I was delighted and immediately texted Shari, who was on vacation, to report what had just transpired. Then this morning he came in and asked us "How was your weekend?" Shari said "Good, yours?" and he said "Pleasant and relaxing" then darted out the door. Oh we just think it's hilarious. He tries so hard to put on a business-y front. He always tries not to curse and you catch him midway through a word and then he renegs. He was just in here saying "It's a pain in the ahh- ...uh, a pain in the tail." His emails are works of art that say something as long and drawn out as they possibly could with lots of office-speak in them and then he always closes with "FYI and thank you."

Then this email from Carrie:
Did I tell you (I think I did) that last night when I was playing with Lolly she said "you be the babysitter and I'll be the grandpa. Now we have to feed baby. [I gave the baby doll a bottle and burped it over my shoulder, hollering out a giant faux-belch, which Lolly seemed to appreciate.] Now baby goes to bed [shoves baby in closet]. Now babysitter reads to grandpa [selects The Gas We Pass for me to read to her]."


Shari said...

I found this posting relaxing and pleasant!

Straight from the Norse's Mouth said...

Levi had that book too! We kept in the bathroom and read it every chance we got! :-) I think I still have it!

Simone said...

I think in the first instance where he emphasised "pleasant" he got laid, and in the second instance where he emphasised "relaxing", he got a hand job.