Friday, January 23, 2009

steam o consciousness blogging

It occurred to me that maybe the best blog entries would just consist of the emails we send during the day. That would surmise what we’re thinking about stuff, for those who give a rat’s ass. Here is a sampling of what I’ve sent to Simone & Carrie in the past two days. We email each other when we first get in the office and then keep it up all day. Total morale booster for me.

So here are my thoughts, in sent email apologies for mundane-ness.

“I'm already really excited about Obama reforming Guantanamo Bay. During this morning's meeting in the computer lab I kept sneaking on cnn to see what was up on his first day o' presidency.”

“When is your audition today? If they call you fat I will personally come down and curb stomp those phlegm wads!!”

“That's so funny that your computer at work might get switched out because I'm getting an extra monitor! I'm so excited. Shari said "Stephanie, two screens does NOT mean double the internet!" and I said "Oh yes it does!" Some consultants said that our department will be more productive if we have dual screens so we don't have to flip between screens all the time like we usually do, so they're using our little office of 3 (me, Shari & Alecia) as a trial run. We think they picked us because we're the youngest and most friendly towards technology, and the least likely to bitch about change. Ha! I think we get them next week. I can't wait for the training meetings to be over with. They displace me from my office all day while they're in there doing their sessions and I'm all disoriented. Not that I really mind, it's a switchup, but it's just getting old by now."

“I'm sitting here doing my morning interneting while listening to Adam Carolla and I just choked on my spit from laughing and had to walk around the room with my arms over my head while everyone said "are you okay?" I was laughing because someone called into the show and said "Michael J. Fox needs a bongload. He's all shaky. He needs to settle down!" HA HA HA SETTLE DOWN! Poor Michael J.”

“I will put that Wishful Drinking on my list. Right now I'm reading "Straight Up & Dirty" by Stephanie Klein, only because it was at Urban Outfitters and I am always interested in their reading material. It's okay, not bad enough to put down yet.”

“Rhonda said that she got a ton of free makeup b/c of a class action lawsuit involving Macys and Nordstrom! She said we should check and see if our stores are giving shit away!”

“I hate being displaced from my desk. I love that Rich is going to be here tonight! I hate that I have to go to work tomorrow for a stupid meeting. I love that Judah has a family dance at his school on Friday! But I hate that D's team's family dinner at Gordito's is at the same time. Which to go to?!”

“I think buying a lot of lottery tickets is the ultimate white trash thing. What do YOU think?”

“Someone posted on my blog that they cried because they were sad Obama won. It makes me so sad that people can’t be inspired and have hope. Why? Why? You’re only shooting yourself in the foot if you do that. Why would they prefer GWB to Obama? I’m dying for someone to tell me but they only say ‘I don’t want to argue.’ I don’t want to argue either! I want to interact! I want to engage! I want relationship, dammit. RELATIONSHIP! And hardly anyone else seems to want it. Precious few, you know what I mean. Why can’t we have that, and hope? Why is passion interpreted as being negative? Sighhhhh. And of course they signed the comment Anonymous. Of COURSE.”

“Well on Saturday I’m going to a baby shower for Racheal Huffman. That's really how she spells it. She's in that KK band and her husband is the singer guy and she is so nice! They're having a boy and naming it Kiddo. Then Sunday is Lolly's bday party. There will be vodka and chili in case you can make it but no pressure, yo. I'm also gonna make some kind of Paula Deen cake. Yes I will.”

“I wish you could have heard how hilarious a drunken Gregg was being in the drive-thru at Del Taco. I was in the backseat and was laughing SO hard and Simone was humiliated at him yelling over her ordering and I was choking with laffter! I guess it doesn't do a lot of good to tell you about it if you can't experience it. Sorry about that. I will attempt a horrible reenactment at your earliest convenience.”

Oh, and here’s a tidbit directed at Shane:

“Hi! I got your message over the weekend. I was at a wedding at the time. Judah was tearing up the dance floor that very moment you called. Lolly was a flour girl, just kidding, a flower girl in the wedding. Pictures and video of dancing Judah are at Facebook. Oh wait, you're not on there anymore. Too bad so sad. The wedding was in San Luis Obispo and then we stayed in LA with Simone and her husband for two days. That was magical. The weather there is so great. But I like the weather here too. I know I'm weird like that.”

“More trip details later. I'm recovering still from the anti-Obama sentiment and the meeting I just got out of which was painfully long and unlikeable. Got some good boss quotes, though.”

“My teeth hurt. I think I've been grinding them out of boredom.”

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