Thursday, January 8, 2009

southern women & gravy

Today my friend Terra from back home posted on her Facebook status that she wanted to know how to make gravy. Within minutes she had a bunch of replies from the lot of us. Look how fervent we all are about gravy!

Terra wonders how you make gravy. As in mashed potatoes and gravy. Anyone? January 8, 1:34pm

Olivia at 1:35pm January 8
flour and grease

Lori at 1:37pm January 8
And milk.

Terra at 1:37pm January 8
I need a recipe, people! And I don't have grease. Or lard. Or shortening. Or beef fat or anything like that. How bout butter?

Stephanie at 1:38pm January 8
Yeah, whisk flour into grease. Redeye gravy is coffee in ham grease.

Olivia at 1:38pm January 8
google it and you will find hundreds!

Katie at 1:39pm January 8
white gravy - some kind of grease (bacon is best), few spoonfuls of flour, cup of milk, salt & pepperbrown- go with the McCormick packaged stuff from the seasoning aisle

Lori at 1:39pm January 8
1/2 cup vegetable oil 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 4 cups milk

Christy at 1:39pm January 8
i do mine with leftover grease that i keep in fridge (i know gross). and flour, and lots o milk...

Stephanie at 1:40pm January 8
You can't stop stirring forever and your arm gets hell of tired but you'll totally f it up if you don't constantly stir.

Katie at 1:48pm January 8
you know you're in your 30s when you ask a question about gravy and instantaneously have a million comments from all your friends from the South

April at 2:02pm January 8
A great way to use butter is on medium heat melt butter 1 stick of butter and then add flour, add enough to make a thick paste , and then start adding milk, add maybe like 3 cups or so, it will seem like way to much but will thicken with witht flour, add salt and pepper to taste and your done.

Terra at 2:05pm January 8
Thanks mamas! It's hilarious that I had 8 responses and a phone call within 5 minutes of posting!

Rachel at 2:07pm January 8
You dont have grease? Do you live in Arkansas? haha

Terra at 2:10pm January 8
It's one of the many (many) Arkansas traditions that I've opted out of.

Terra at 2:10pm January 8
Hey, another question. Can I make it now and reheat it right before dinner?

Stephanie at 2:40pm January 8
Only if you want it to suck.

Ashley at 6:51pm January 8
This entire thing made me laugh out loud. Especially Stephanie's comment at the end. I love Southern Women!


juls said...

dude...gravy is a fine art. unfortunately my grandmother and aunt took it to the grave. they didn't teach my mother quite adequately before they departed so my mother has to envoke their spirits when she makes it. never comes out quite as good as my gramma made.

oh, and it's interesting for people who didn't grow up with southern cooking. when i talk about it...they are like "do you know what's in gravy? (shock on their faces). And I'm like "Ya, fat, it's good!" what snobs...

zack said...

I make sausage and gray at least once a week for the fam- no one loves it as much as much as I do though...

But really your commment 'If you want it to suck' was right on. Gravy is the crescendo.

the nibbling marmot said...

coffee in ham grease? Wow.