Thursday, January 15, 2009

link happy

I've got some links from Word magazine. Hope you're nice and bored.

Portion of his presidency George Bush spent at or en route to vacation spots: 1/3. Harpers Magazine has the last eight years in frequently terrifying numbers.

If you want to buy Frank Sinatra's old Palm Springs shag pad, now's your chance.

Little Big Star is like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Except that it's free, and you use real instruments.

The BBC are repeating Sharon Horgan’s breathtakingly frank comedy about the mating rituals of young professionals.

Videos of extreme sports aren't the kind of thing we'd normally link to, but this is really something else.

Jinni is like Pandora, but for movies. Could we finally have a recommendation engine for film that actually works?

The Word's legendary production editor "Seventies" Mike Johnson falls in love with an album otherwise considered one of the worst ever made, while reader Patrick Crowther pinpoints the precise location of the best guitar solo in all of popular music, both here.

Is it possible that people are dying more frequently than they used to?

Keane, by all accounts, are good blokes who went to nice schools. Is this why they get so much bad press?

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