Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the pervasity of taco bell between cultures: a chat essay

Aussie vegetarian and all-around obnoxious moralist Simone (kidding Simone) AND southern carniverous me both love Taco Bell. She calls it TB for short and sometimes tuberculosis for long. If you're exceptionally bored, this is us chatting today.

me: david and i talked a long time about taco bell last night
and what it means to us, and what it has meant in our lives
Simone: HAHA. wow. what did you talk about?
and I'm having taco bell for lunch! i can't wait!
me: like how i loved it so much starting in high school, i became obsessed with their bean burritos and i was known for loving them
Simone: KNOWN! I love that!
me: and in spanish class when they'd ask what i loved or what i had for lunch or what i wanted, i'd say "un burrito de frijoles!" it was my standard answer
Simone: ahahahaah excellent
me: and david and his friend phil olsson always scourged up change in high school and walked to taco bell and devoured it all
Simone: i need to add that to my Taco Bell blog
me: he said it was almost sexual how obsessed they were with it! haha
Simone: you guys are so lucky, we don't have TB in australia
i feel sexual with coke sometimes. I totally get it!
me: i get it too! I LOVE coke!
Simone: when i first discovered taco bell, i was obsessed with it i ate it SO MUCH
me: and still, TO THIS DAY, bean burritos aka burritos de frijoles are my very favorite fast food. that's true love. that's the test of time right there.
no other expensive burrito is anywhere near as good as a 59 cent bean burrito from tuberculosis
Simone: Yum! Pre-veg I was obsessed with beef tacos poor gregg always driving me to TB and ordering beef tacos at the drive through window
have you ever have the mexican pizza? i get it without beef, but it's the best
me: i have had mexican pizza but it never really 'took'
Simone: hmm
maybe because the beef is so foul
try it wothout without
me: i do not eat meat at taco bell it is my lifelong policy
Simone: that's a wise policy
me: i am frightened of it
Simone: you should be
me: i have made exceptions in the past with chicken tacos
Simone: it looks so bad
me: but not anymore
Simone: even when i ate those beef tacos, it seemed like a bad idea
me: i am not a discriminating eater of meat, but i won't eat meat at TB
Simone: hahahaha so funny
me: david however wolfs down them beef tacos like a hibernating bear
Simone: if the only food left in the world was taco bell, would you be a vegetarian?
they were good
i tried to make them at home with the official TB seasoning and fake beef but it wasn't good they never give you the true flavours in those home versions
me: hmm prolly not even that for vegetarianism
i got a TB bean burrito home kit and it wasn't the same either!
Simone: assholes
i joined when the chihuahua was all the rage
i have a few talking ones
and there was one on a bag we travelled around the world with we took that guy all over Europe! me: did you name him?
Simone: i don't think we named him. he was just the TB chihuahua
so filthy he dragged on the ground a lot maybe he's still around
if he is, he should be washed
i couldn't believe when they got rid of him
have you ever had the fiesta potatoes?
me: yes and i don't like them
but i don't really sample too much of what else they have besides bean burritos
Simone: i don't either
i was all about 7 layer burritos for years but this veggie girl i knew turned me onto the mexican pizza sans meat
then the other day I tried the potatoes they are great if you avoid the nacho cheese sauce
me: david and i had a heart to heart about the 7 layer burritos!
Simone: wow! what did you decide?
me: so funny how we both loved them at the same time, when we lived so far apart and didn't yet know each other
Simone: http://www.yum.com/nutrition/menu.asp i love this site
me: he said he didn't like that faux-guacamole and i agreed, but i enjoyed the rice in it while he didn't so much
Simone: the guac is okay if you don't isolate and judge it
me: it was fake guac, though
Simone: the rice is good, but it's better in the del taco veggie works burrito the guac comes out of a gun
me: a makeup gun
Simone: i love those guac guns!
me: homie, you had it set on 'whore'
Simone: hahaha


Lucy said...

Amazing, absolutely amazing! Everything you said is EXACTLY how I feel! Just two days ago my sisters and I were talking about how much we would be willing to pay for a bean burrito and we all agreed on $12.50 or higher!

Trev said...

Wow, it would seem you are as passionate about your Taco Bell as we Canadians are about our Timmy's.

melkytown said...

taco bell sucks so bad!

debbie downer

Anonymous said...

a 59 cent bean burrito?!?!? where do YOU live? 1991?
TB is better in Canada than it is here in the states...Nachos Bell Grande is so much better with fries instead of chips