Thursday, September 13, 2007

turkish delight and peaceful resistance

You know what sucks, people who aren’t nice, that's what. My primal instinct is to retaliate somehow but as I get older and more philosophical I’ve been thinking about how retaliation isn’t good. So what do you do with the pain other people cause…there is no guide book for this. I want a formula, I want it in black and white, but it’s grey. Damn. I love what Ghandi and MLK and Christ had to say about passive resistance and peaceful disobedience where you stand your ground but don’t respond with aggression. I feel like there’s something magical about this tactic. It killed each of them in the end...dude. It reminds me of the Deep Magic in the Chronicles of Narnia. Maybe it is exactly the same thing. When I do the passive resistance/nonaggressive response thing I feel like something big is taking place, and I feel that I’m getting my ass kicked, but for the greater good. I feel like I’m living from a more honest place because I really believe that if you go around retaliating, everyone loses. I love CS Lewis for putting it into story when Aslan came back after being killed, and the stone table he had been killed on cracked in half, and he said “when a willing victim who has committed no treachery is killed in a traitor's stead, the Table will crack and Death itself will start working backwards."

That gives me chills..

(Also, I love Simone for sending me authentic Australian Turkish delight since she says a self-respecting Lewis fan should know what Edmund was talking about. Wait, if it were authentic, wouldn’t it be from Turkey and not Australia? Anyway, it beats the shitty Turkish delight from Pike Place Market all to hell. Sky rockets in flight! Turkish delight, turrr-urrr-rrrkish delight.)


Simone said...

It is SO hard to passively resist, but I commend you for trying. One time when I was in insurance claims, me and this girl, Laura Lee, who I didn't get along with were against each other on a claim. I eventually lost and she was so mug about the whole thing throughout the debate. Following that, I was at a record store in my lunch break and found a box of free posters, one of which for the band "The Division of Laura Lee". I took one and went over and gave it to her. She was glad to have it, but also looked like she'd sucked a lemon because I was being nice to her. That was SWEET!

I'd totally forgotten how the whole Aslan resurrection unfolded so thanks for that. Methinks J.K. Rowling is a bit of a thief.

As for the Turkish Delight, while I bought it in Australia, I assure it was from a very ethnic store. I think it was Lebanese, so it's pretty authentic! The Aussie shit is crap too.

Christina Wolfe said...

HOLY CRAP. Have you been inside my head? Seems like these things i've been thinking and not been able to put into words like you have here.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I need to print it out and paste it on my wall so it can never be removed... Next occupant will have to spackle over it. -ara