Tuesday, September 11, 2007

cajunized tater tots

I just got a call from an angry woman and she said “I’ve been getting text messages from your phone and I don’t know you…” and I said sorry and that I’d fix the number in my address book. I had her number saved as Carrie’s so lord only knows what kind of texts she’s been getting. I was scared to look. The last text I sent this angry lady (thinking I was sending it to Carrie) said “We just got out of the car and Judah’s friends swarmed around him like they were fat people and he was Richard Simmons.”

That lady was probably fat.

I liked how TMZ said that Britney at the VMAs looked like “…a circus pony shot up with horse tranquilizers.” But now I’m scared the poor thing is going to kill herself from all the horrible stuff people have been saying. If that’s your whole identity then what do you do when people say this stuff about you? Give a black man a chance. When Chris Brown danced to Billie Jean I couldn’t believe it. I think that when Thriller came out was when I started to super love music. Something about Billie Jean and that insane bass line. My parents wouldn’t let me listen to it cause it was dirty so I had to on the sly. Not easy when it’s only on vinyl and you’re 8 yrs old.

Judah was mad at me today for not letting him wear his Neil Hamburger shirt to kindergarden. It sort of went like this:

“But mommy, why can’t I wear it to school??”
“Well, because it says things on it that the teacher might think are sort of weird.”
“What does it say?”
“Well, it says ‘poor album sales’ and ‘tuberculosis’ and ‘divorce’ and ‘food poisoning’….”
“My shirt says FOOD POISON?!”


Simone said...

One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing your messages/emails went to the wrong recipient. What a fucking bitch, though for not telling you sooner. She must have been fat, as you said, to suddenly respond.

juls said...

judah is such a big boy! dude, can you keep that VHS of Weeds so when we come up we can have marathon! good times