Friday, August 31, 2007

little boxes

I've been excited all day about finishing watching the 2nd season of Weeds tonight and I'm sitting here trying to work and instead creeping stealthily onto the internet to google things pertaining to Weeds, for instance, the song was written by a hippie (well that much should be obvious) and it's about suburbs outside San Francisco (well I'll be doggone) and here are the suburbs filled with little boxes. I like these houses though. They're radtastic. My dream house is the Brady Bunch house.

Gee, the new Iowa ruling allowing same-sex marriage really makes me nervous because I feel it threatens my hetero marriage to David. They're trying to creep in and destroy our holy matrimony! JUST KIDDING

1 comment:

my girl hazel said...

DUDE! I'd love to live in one of those little boxes and have a same sex marriage!