Tuesday, August 21, 2007

creamy british celebrity flavoured

There’s this loose tea at Whole Foods called “Creamy British Celebrity Flavoured with Bergamot.” …at least I think it was tea, there was no noun to qualify those adjectives except for ‘celebrity.’

So because of vexation in the workplace and steadily increasing malevolence towards the Man, David and I have decided that we’re going to open a crepe shop called Date Crepe. Or Gang Crepe, or Crepe Fantasy. Which one should it be? We’ll give out samples called Crepe Trials, and kids meals will be called Statuatory Crepes. And our employees will be called Serial Crepists (Simone came up with that one). I bet we’ll get lots of free publicity. Once we were assigned a French exchange student (Valentin!) that we were supposed to show around Seattle but the whole semester he was here we only hung out with him twice, the first time we took him to see the Exorcist at the Cinerama and the other time we made him make us crepes. I feel bad about that now.

Sometimes I do things like look up Hall and Oates on Wikipedia and I found this bit that I love!
Daryl Hall and John Oates were there for a band competition when gunfire rang out between two rival gangs, and in trying to escape, they ran to the same service elevator. Because of their similar musical tastes, they quickly became acquainted. It would take them another two years to form a musical duo, and three years after that they had signed to Atlantic Records and released their debut.

Band competition + rival gangs + gunfire = Hall and Oates!

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John the Oates looks exactly like Inigo Montoya.


Anonymous said...

So all of your Crepe accoutrements would be kept in your "Crepe Kit"?

kelly said...

I like Date Crepe. You and David can call yourselves Marital Crepists.

Wow the Hall and Oates story is quite intriguing. My father delivers propane to Mariner's and such. Last summer in Newport at a mariner, he claimed to have seen Daryl there. He told us that he was wearing a shirt with the name Daryl on it. This story always amuses my family and I.

Simone said...

Does Hall & Oats sing "You're out of touch"? I have it in my head suddenly, but I usually think of "Maniac" when I think of them.

I hope you open your shop and have a Grand Marnier crepe. I had one in Paris and it made me a little buzzed for a couple of minutes! That could be your signature Date Crepe Drug!

That tea sound alarming and un-Whole Foods like.

stephanie said...

We could have roofies/rohypnol toppings for your crepe, just like at Jamba Juice when you get to pick a booster. What a great idea!

They do sing 'Out of Touch' and I can put that on your next mix cd. Cause I lurve it.

ShariMacD said...

You could charge per topping! A one-topping crepe would be a Crepe in the First Degree; two-toppings, Crepe in the Second Degree . . .etc.

Melissa said...

Did you use up all the crepe jokes? I can't think of any. Oh wait...

You could have a theme song, a jingle...

Crepe me, crepe me my friend.
Crepe me, crepe me again.

David Drury said...

Our ad campaign will target female joggers in the park.

"When you are on the run, nothing fills you up like a quick hot crepe."

Carrie said...

When someone's crepe is ready for pick-up, the workers can blow the Crepe Whistle.