Sunday, May 17, 2009


cal anderson park


racheal, kiddo & lolly

bazan house show in magnolia
(someone asked "where do you go when you close your eyes?")


Simone said...

What setting are you using that these photos are all so awesome and look like they were taken in 1962?

I would like to punch the person who asked "Where do you go when you close your eyes." What did he say? Did he seem put off or did he revel in it? I don't even know who David Bazan is.

stephy said...

I used the D-lighting and micro settings a lot.

Dave is really kind when people ask him questions like that but I have a feeling he doesn't really like it either. When the person asked about his eyes being closed, Dave said "I don't really go anywhere, I just close them cause it's pretty fuckin weird to be singing so close to you with my eyes open."

You can look him up on wikipedia too.