Tuesday, May 5, 2009

jovan musk & podcast searches

I get so much entertainment from emails. I should immortalize bits of my sweet friends' life-giving emails here. Today I will highlight someone who wants to remain anonymous and so we'll call her Mona. Here are some recent clandestine email quotes from the undercover Mona:

"Last night I was scoping out the laundry room and I met my hot neighbor who was leaving his apartment. He said his name was...Jovin? I couldn't figure it out. It made me think of Jovan Musk. He lives partially below me and said to let him know any time he was too noisy and I said WILL DO and we laughed and laughed! Then I vomited in the washer."

"What are you dong now? I just ate a sandwich from the dining hall called a 'Rachel.' It had turkey, swiss and coleslaw, and light fringey layers about the face."

"People are jerks. That's what I learned from blogging!"

/end quote portion of entry

I sometimes (okay, always) become filled with ennui at work even though I actually like my job usually/overall so I roam the internet seeking to devour podcasts, any podcast, but so many are so boring I want to rip my face off and that is what I am wanting to avoid doing in the first place. But today my friend Tom told me about Your Favorite Little Podcast and I thought that was a risky name, but it turns out it IS my favorite little podcast! Well, I’ve only listened to one but I was smiling the whole time. The one I listened to was episode 15 and it was all loungey or 50s theme songs & it has a Lawrence Welk-y cover of “Young Girl. ” Jackpot! That song by itself cracks me up cause it’s so creepy and to hear it in this Welkish version was the best. Seriously, listen to the words. Why? WHY?

More podcast fun and wonderful friend quotes to come. Kay bye!


Anonymous said...

Did she intentionally say "What are you DONG now?"

stephy said...

Yup, we try to say dong as much as possible.