Monday, May 25, 2009

kevin the bear

Lolly took this picture of her bear, Kevin, this morning. Kevin is a big part of all our lives. If we can't find Kevin at bedtime, it is a problem.

She took this picture and I like how it came out looking gauzy. I don't know how she did that but I think it was unintentional. I like to put pictures in Picnik and then not say that's how I got that effect. I have been trying to keep it a secret but Simone busted me and it is pretty gay not to share the goods. So everyone...Picnik is fun! Also there's Splashup and Phoenix that are supposed to be good. Is anyone out there good with Photoshop? It looks expensive and I hear it's kinda hard, what do you guys think? I love the D-lighting effect on my camera and I need to learn my way around the rest of my camera but how does a working mom find the time, ahhh. Story of my life.

Last night we saw Neil Hamburger & Pleaseeasaur at the Triple Door, it was so fun and I think it was the best I've ever seen Neil! Simone got some great pictures and mine were...blurry.

It's pretty out again today in Seattle. This is weird. I love it, and it is weird.


Still Breathing said...

You just reminded me of my son's first rugby tour when he was about 11. Into his tour bag went Samuel - a cuddly badger puppet that is on his bed, even now, at university. We were staying in a youth hostel (yes the Dad's came along) and slowly, out of every boy's bag, appeared a cuddly toy of some description. They may have been as hard as nails on the rugby pitch but, inside, they were still little boys.
Now the confession - we are still using film. Having invested in a good camera and added some good lenses it is hard to 'go digital' particularly as we can't take the lenses with us. Mind you I say "we" but my wife takes all the pictures because my asthma medication makes me shake and even with a fast film you get at least 2 pictures every time I press the button.

Bets said...

Have you tried Picasa? I use an ancient version of Photoshop elements at work, but Picasa for fooling with pictures at home, and I like it a lot. Not massively powerful, but does many things I want done, and easily.

Robert said...

Phoenix (on is decent but it is still less powerful than elements. One of the other tools on aviary, a filter creation tool called Peacock, is pretty fun and useful. The advantage is that it is completely web based so it's hard to be too critical of it.