Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was at this site and boss knocked and my heart JUMPED and I scrambled to minimize.

No alarms went off on time yesterday even though we set our clocks back. I was 2 hours late to work and I still can't find my phone. Good thing I gave up worrying for Lent cause I just didn't worry about being late (refreshing!) and when I got here it turned out the boss broke her arm over the weekend and is out! Everybody wins!

Carrie and I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic on Saturday. (Shut up.) I was griping through the whole movie about how insulting it was and Carrie was silently enduring it, but at the end she said "I think that movie was funded by the Americans With Disabilities Act."

She said to look at the Entertainment Weekly reviews of it and they were cracking me up. Here's my favorites:

"Seriously, did you see the same movie as I did? All of these women behaved in a way that was truly embarrassing to our gender. They literally acted the same whether they were downing tequila shots or were working. And who would hire Rebecca Bloomwood to write financial columns based on her sad little resume? Sure, we all suspend our belief when it comes to movies, but this was a stretch even I couldn't fathom. Sad, sad, sad what rom-coms have come to."

"Don't believe this review for a second. This movie is as empty as a used up shopping bag. I cannot for a the life of me figure out what would make any reviewer give this movie higher than a C. Empty, stupid plot... no chemistry between the leads... tedious ending. And I normally LOVE a good rom com! Owen, you should be ashamed!"

"I went to see this movie thinking it was just another chick flick i was pla=easently surprised Isla Fisher was difinatly wel cast an i thought the movie was amazing couldnt stop laughin... except the girls beside me and my friend kept throwing popcorn but the movie made up for it!! :)"

I'm sad Domino magazine is dying. Maybe we can save it.

Look at this rad secret message pillow!


My friend Mike wrote this blog entry and it warmed the cockles of my heart.


Anonymous said...

My family was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and due to some road closures, we ended up stuck in town for a few hours so we went to the movies. My sister, mom and I saw Shopaholic (which I had just read). I noticed my poor mom kept checking her watch, and afterwards I asked what she thought and she just said "She was such a dingbat!".

The book was also somewhat maddening, but much better. They changed a lot for the movie and I think it made it worse. But I freakin' loved her clothes!


The Powell Family said...

I am sad about Domino too! I heard it was dying the same day I got my subscription renewal form in the mail-not kidding. Boohoo.

stephy said...

Lori - that is harsh! It's like they're taunting you!

Becca - I could only glean good stuff from the hair and makeup. The rest was maddening. Carrie was hysterical in her dryness.

Carrie said...

No wait, I said "approved" by the ADA! Which is a good thing...if intentional.

I was only waiting for it to get somewhat better. Curse this naive hope.