Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a cloven-hooved faun jete dance kick thing!

I'm having spastic laughter over this clip of Dancing With the Stars. We were watching it last night (just hush!) and he did the daintiest little kick and it has changed my life. It's right at 2:37 of this clip, watch the guy. It's when they sing "make ends meet." They only show half a second of it, but it's the best half second I have ever lived.


Anonymous said...

There's no shame in enjoying Maks; it's just too bad they had to put him with that doofus Denise.

Anyway, I just found this blog the other day and as I was killing some time at work just now, I realized you would probably love it. If you have not ever gone to Bakerella, you must! This lady bakes EVERYTHING, and she seems to like red velvet cake too. Plus, I just found a recipe for chipotle buttercream icing, which sounds intriguing.



Simone said...

I want to love the kick! I see a good kick at 2:38, not 2:37. We can review it together tomorrow.

Anyway, I understand appreciating such things like how I told you when I saw the guy from the Domino's ad at the Neil Hamburger show and I went up and told him how I appreciated this little look that he did. Turns out he's now onto "The Big Bang Theory" but since I've never seen it, I can only congratulate him for his work with the pizza chain.