Thursday, March 5, 2009

ever since i announced i don't like papyrus font

it seems to keep finding me.



Dean Tregenza said...

I hope he plays guitar and writes music better than does graphic design.

Holly said...

I am a professional graphic designer and I get a lot of requests to use Papyrus font. On a personal note, I am not really bothered by it. Did you have a bad experience with Papyrus? Did it hit you over the head and steal your purse?

stephy said...

Haha, yeah I'm just bothered by it because it's everywhere. It's a dumb snobby thing on my part, like if people say they don't like a certain band or song because they're "everywhere" or too mainstream.
I wrote about it here too.

Simone said...

Some people just don't understand fonts. Our IT guy told me he was designing something for a woman's accounting business and she chose COMIC SANS SERIF! He had to talk her out of it, but it wasn't easy.