Monday, March 2, 2009

the toilet seat that washes and dries your butt for you


I just learned about The Washlet from my friend Chase back in Arkansas. His facebook status was "Chase is obsessed with The Washlet. Can't believe it's for real. Warning: you will be tastefully mooned during the first 30 seconds of this clip." The following ensued.

Me: AHH! I just now watched that clip and now I'm obsessed.

Chase: It just kept getting funnier. When she said,"Just grab the remote control." I lost it. When the cgi wand extended and started spewing water I started crying.

Me: The extending wand was unreal. Like an SNL commercial. And how casual and hip they tried to be about it all. I wish we were watching it with you. I could watch it 10 times. Thinking about you crying makes it even funnier. David said "What are you watching? It sounds like a bunch of Christians talking."

Chase: and the FAQ are AWESOME. The demeanor of everyone is soooo creepy. Does the washlet spray prozac into you like a suppository?

Me: That cgi wand is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I didn't see the FAQs! I'm gonna dart over there now. Did you notice that the blonde has a lower back tattoo? Bullseye!

Me: "On cold mornings, the warm seat will make you feel sorry for anyone who isn't you." "I think of the water settings as ranging from nice to even nicer." "If you're having a baby you HAVE to have a Washlet." "Just pick a question to the right. I'm here to help." "So yes. You need this."

Chase: Oh yeah. The lady doing the FAQ is awesome. "How Hard Does The Water Come Out?" Hahahahahaha.

Steph: "I wouldn't call any of the settings HARD."



Melissa said...

They have one of those in the Paramount Club at the Paramount Theatre....I was too scared to try anything but the dryer thing and even that was just a little too weird for me. But I could hear the woman in the stall next to me try several different combos, she was in there a long time. She must have come out with one clean butt!

melkytown (melanie!) said...

oh my GOD the first woman in the vid is my friend DIna hahahaa! i am so going to make fun of her now.

this commercial is awesome.

the nibbling marmot said...

ooh, I've sat on these before. The warm toilet seat is so luxurious.

stephy said...

Melanie, you KNOW her? That's so funny! For some reason this reminds me of that episode of Friends when Joey was in a herpes ad.

Simone said...

Oh, these are all over Japan of course. We had one in our hotel room so I had the pleasure of trying it. I must say, laugh all you want, but the joke is on you for never trying it.

There was a great ad on TV for a like product which opened with a guy covered in mud, standing in a shower recess and trying to clean himself with the roll of paper towels. Next, a woman tried to do her dishes with a roll of paper. Duh! We all know we need water to get those jobs done! It was such a great ad.

Gosh, I really miss the cold seat. I've turned the heater on in the bathroom to combat seat coldness. Not the same.

gala said...

"we humans LOVE water." (from the 'why it's better' clip)

michaelstevensrev said...

One of my clients has these! They are great! I've heard in Japan there are even better seats!

Bets said...

ha! Hi, here's some admiration from some stranger - I stumbled onto your blog. I can't recall from where because I'm snorting too much. I'm really enjoying this (and Stuff Christian Culture Loves.)

(Okay, confession is good for the soul - I'm procrastinating at work.

I work at a church.)

anyway, thanks for blogging; your wit improved my day significantly.

The Powell Family said...

My parents have one. My children are afraid of it. I HATE the warm seat!!! makes you feel like the person before you sat there for days!

stephy said...

Lori, really?! Your parents have one? That's so funny about the warm seat. It WOULD seem that way!