Wednesday, May 5, 2010

recent quotes from the kids

R: "I will wash my wookie off." (wookie is code for cowlick)

J to R while playing MarioKart: "This may help you in the future when you're learning to drive when you're 16."

R: "David is short for David. And you know what is really short for David? Dih."

J: "Barack Obama set a world record for being the first African-American president. And he also set the record for being the first black president."

R: "I keep ants I find in this box and then take them outside and let them go to a new life."

R: "The timer takes too long for me!" (when I set the timer for her to play Wii in 5 minutes)

J: "This natural peanut butter tastes weird. I like things that aren't natural. I wish it was zero percent natural."

R: "Where's the room service?" (just before takeoff when she wanted to flight attendants to bring us drinks. She also buckled Pluto into the empty seat next to her.)

R: "I have good news and bad news. Actually, I have two bad newses and no good newses."

J: "I wouldn't keep a secret away from you."


Lauren said...

Gahhhhhhhhh. I want you all to come to dinner at the new place soon! You won't have to bring chairs from home! I SEAT FIVE.

Rye said...

I like newses, good or bad.

juls said...

my mom would always say in 5 min. and of course i didn't understand what that meant so she gave me her watch once and she said i could see 5 min go by. it was painful and then i realized what 5 minutes was. :(

the room service comment is priceless you have trained this young woman well.

Still Breathing said...