Monday, May 17, 2010

mysterious whispers, part 3

*I obtained permission to partially identify Friend #1 and Friend #2! I know your curiousity is quelled.*

(Written by me)
And check it out I would. Though I couldn't let Jovan know my intentions this early in the game. I would have to play coy like Luann deLesseps aka The Countess told Bethany to do on the Real Housewives of New York. That is how you bag a man, she said. I tossed my auburn-ish hair over my shoulder and lowered my gaze before going in for the kill.

"Maybe...I will," I said, reeking with mystery. He was so intrigued he furrowed his brow and tried to act like he was done pouring detergent into the washer.

(Written by OfficeGnome)
I grabbed my parachute and headed upstairs to hang it up to dry on the long, thick, glistening rod in my bathroom. I've always found that air-drying fabrics above my bathdub is the best way to keep them looking their best.

The basement steps creaked below me as I made the difficult ascent back to the main floor of the building. My calves throbbed and I made a mental note to do some Wii Fit when I got back to the apartment. I caught a glance of my Swatch and was thrilled to see it was finally 2pm. 2pm meant that our mailman had probably arrived with the Saturday delivery. I wondered if the magazine issue I had been waiting for had arrived? As I skipped toward the building's mail area, I realized I wasn't alone. Standing in front of the brass mailboxes was my next-door neighbor nemesis - Nancy.

(Written by Carrie)
"Oh, hello Nancy," I said coolly. Nancy rotated around slowly to face me. She had just extracted her mail pile from the cold industrial depths of the mailbox interior. Her cane rested against the wall.

"Hello dear," she rasped. As she had turned around, a letter had wafted out of the pile of mail, floating to the ground like a delicate Japanese wishing flower. "Let me get that for you," I said coldly, snatching it up and offering it to her forcefully. Before she could accept it, my eyes landed on the text in the sharp crisp clear letter window: "JOVAN ____." Like a lynx discovering her prey, I snatched the letter back from Nancy's reaching claw-like hands. Jovan Musk's mail!! I could bring it to him personally!

"OH!" I exclaimed. "I-I just noticed that this letter is actually addressed to me. It must have gotten into the wrong box. That happens all the time, you know."

Nancy stared unblinkingly with wet eyes and said "Oh that's fine dear." Satisfied with my clever heist, I smugly retrieved my own mail. I would have to look at it once I was back in my apartment, lest I waste another precious minute in Nancy's presence. I clutched the supple pile of slippery documents to my chest, turned abruptly on my heel, and muttered goodbye.

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Rye said...

Oh, I hope she wears something suggestive when she delivers Jovan's mail.