Tuesday, May 4, 2010

betty butterfield

We're back from LA and I miss it and Simone and Jona. (Jona, your url is broken but I'm linking you anyway). Here we are with Richard Simmons, who sang happy birthday to Jona

and here also is Betty Butterfield who Jona quotes endlessly and perfectly and it makes me laugh so hard I roll around and hit things.


Rye said...

You know that Betty Butterfield is the same guy that does my FAVE Shirley Q. Liquor!! I'm so happy to see you post this. I saw "Betty" and "Shirley" in an underground concert. More about me later...

Love the pics of you and the gals with Richard.

stephy said...

Really? Do you know who he is? I want to be friends with him so bad!

Rye said...

I have a few pictures with him (as Shirley). He'll do concerts and open as Betty Butterfield and then bring out Shirley Q. His name is Charles Knipp and he's so smart and funny.

Here's a letter I wrote to our gay newspaper in 2007 supporting his humor, after GLAAD gave him poor marks:

Rye said...

Here's his wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Knipp

He doesn't do so much Betty Butterfield.