Thursday, December 24, 2009

oh what fun it is to ride

Took both kids to the ER in the space of 12 hours, R had an ear infection and J has pneumonia! They're feeling way better now but it was awful. Before they got sick I had an internal sort of breakdown from it being Christmas but I'm dealing with it instead of trying to numb out and I got a lot of people to pray for me and I'm better. I super love this woman, Belleruth Naparstak, who does guided relaxation and it is corny but that's okay. I love medicine but I'm down with this holistic stuff too about the mind-body connection, I think they're actually the same, not even connected but the same. Anyway she does these tapes to help people deal with anxiety and all kinds of sicknesses and she's so rad. Her voice sounds like Michael Jackson and Betty White all in one but if you can ignore that it's good. You can find her on youtube. I feel like I should put fewer youtube links on here cause this is turning into one big youtube routing hub.

In other happy news, today Mick from Supergrass tweeted that he likes my Christmas mix and I think that is a Christmas miracle. I kinda want to tweet this good news but then he'd see it and have even more evidence I'm insane. As if flying to see them in Cali and NYC last year wasn't enough. And I'm going to LA to see them next month, thanks to my partner in Supergrass crime Simone! She bought my ticket as an early birthday present. Yips!!!

Now I would like to show you some pictures I think are funny. My friend Jason was given a subscription to Car & Driver under the name of Deez Nutz and he's asking everyone if they did this, and we're all saying we wish we had.

Then Simone's husband Gregg put this sticker on a McDonald's sign the other day. (He's a vegan. He really would throw up if he ate McDonald's.)

That's all the funny I have for now. I hope my kids get all better. xo


Still Breathing said...

I would love to try more holistic things but it would only become another time pressure and hence stress inducing - still the meds seem to be working.
Prayers for you and the children.

stephy said...

It's really the exact opposite of time pressure. Here's a clip that always makes me feel way better, just try this and if it doesn't work you can tell me to sod off. :)

spinning said...

hope you're feeling better, and the kids, too. it sounds like a lot of folks have had a rough time lately (discord, etc.). i hear you, more than i'm willing to admit on a semi-public blog.