Thursday, December 10, 2009

norm macdonald

I'm on a Norm MacDonald youtube streak and church-laughing listening to him at work, this might have been my favorite, when he was on The View like ten years ago. The View women all deserve wedgies and he gives them to them all verbally. This one doesn't have when he kept saying that Clinton killed Vince Foster and Barbara kicked him off though. I need to find that one.

But the best is when he's on the Adam Carolla show and they start talking about Kenny Rogers lyrics, I was dying the whole way through.

I think that Norm and Christopher Walken and Billy Corgan could all meld into one.

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Trev said...

I've probably watched "Dirty Work" 30 times (at least) and it still makes me laugh really hard.

Norm's non-punchline approach is what makes him so genious. The audience/interviewers are always stunned to find out that they're the brunt of his joke.

His interview on Conan o'brian is still the best.