Thursday, December 9, 2010

the pain spans the atlantic

My internet friend Hugh (whom I know through my blog) lives in England - he has grown children and his church that he's been at for 30+ years has recently made changes weirdly similar to the ones my church is making. The parallels are very strange, but it's nice to have someone who understands even if they live across the ocean. I got this email from him today and it warmed my heart, I wanted to share it and also have it here for archiving purposes so I can go back to it and remember.

Stephy, I was just on Facebook looking at nothing in particular when my thoughts turned to you and, this is the freaky bit, I felt your pain! I don't know how or why but just for a minute or 2 I felt it and it was like being crushed inside. It didn't stay with me because I suspect it's not mine to keep but at least I can now share just a tiny bit of it. When I pray I can now pray about that pain. I don't think I'm nuts (depressive - yes, nuts - no) and I do know that sometimes I hear things from God that I know can't be from me. This, however, was a first, totally out of the blue and, oddly, something to treasure. God bless you and, as always, prayers from across the pond.

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