Friday, December 24, 2010

the blue colored week of advent

I was so touched by this email from my friend Kara (a Presbyterian minister in Minnesota) tonight:
"Oh, I meant to tell you - our poignant and wonderfully honest blue Christmas ritual was the other night. We put our prayers on these balls and lit candles for people. I posted other pictures of it on the church's FB account, but I wanted you to know you and your church were held in prayer that evening. For courage to stay with the grief."
Yay for Christmas and hope!

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Still Breathing said...

Stephy, You are a special person who is loved and respected; even by people who only know you on-line. You have taken many knocks and been hurt deeply but you still hold on to the core of your faith; the essential parts, the bits that really matter. This enables you to point out when we, the church, get it wrong and substitute our own values and culture for the precious, freely offered love of God.
I know you have had a shitty year and that Christmas hasn't started much better but just focus back on that core of faith and the core of the Christmas story; that even in the act of creation God knew we were going to screw everything up and that he would have to come and suffer to make it right again. But he still created because he loves each and every one of us and feels every bit of our pain with us - that is why he was born in a stable.
God bless you and, as always, prayers from across the pond.