Tuesday, November 9, 2010

adam carolla at his most brilliant

I'm having a hard time today, my heart hurts so much that relationships at our church are negotiable and referred to as collateral damage. Church is supposed to be the place of all places where people are not disposable to one another and relationships are fought for and strategy and business and such pale, PALE I SAY, next to community.

Since this is not the case much of the time on this stupid planet, Adam Carolla's rant on the underpants fire/dignity waiver distracted me nicely for about seven minutes. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Still Breathing said...

'collateral damage'? What idiot brought the language of war into the internal workings of God's church? We are meant to be a haven of peace not of war.
In the church I attend we are suffering because someone used the business phrase 'make a decision and make it right' to advise the deacons. They have then pushed through a decision without any discussion about whether they were right in God's eyes.

I wish I could could nip across the pond and give you a big hug because I know the pain you are suffereing.

God bless and, as always, prayers from across the pond.

Kara Root said...

I am so sorry.