Wednesday, September 8, 2010

shark jumping

Simone and Gregg had this extremely entertaining conversation about the episode where Fonzie jumped the shark. The guy who coined the phrase wrote this article and Gregg said "Funny! He's sort of clueless. His only defense is that the show continued on for several more seasons. But I remember watching that episode the NIGHT IT AIRED, and it definitely SUCKED!" Simone said "Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. The whole point of jumping the shark isn't to do with the subsequent run from that point but the decline in quality. I love that you saw it the night it aired and thought it sucked then. Not me. I was in the womb!" Gregg said "I remember it really well. There was just something really wrong with seeing Fonzie in such bright sunlight, in shorts. And that whole storyline was so BORING. I think sitcoms work best when the action is relegated to a handful of claustrophobic sets. I think the womb was the better place to be."

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