Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sad and yet good

My friend Scott in Ohio sent out this message today to people who are part of his poverty advocacy group. It broke my heart for the family and kind of broke it again for the fact that Scott and his group help these strangers and put so much work into them, it just seems like for as horrible as the world is something beautiful is coming out of the brokenness. Here's what Scott said:

Thanks to all of you who gave towards the needs of another. We reached our goal this morning and we were able to work out taking care of the security deposit for our most recent ARM client. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It was a hard "move" to do today. A single mom with four girls from 3 different fathers. Not one of the fathers is present. There's a tremendous amount of brokenness in this family and just such a lack of support for them.

So a lot of fighting between the sisters took place all day and the mom just hung her head from being worn down. We had to break up the fighting several times and try to speak words of life into this household. Sometimes it is so overwhelming that I want to just cave in but I can't help but look at the little 7 year old blond haired girl and think who will fend for this little one? Who will give her some worth?

I wish I could have a happy ending kind of thing to write to you all, but the fact is that there is just so much pain out there. But whether things go well or not we are still there and still willing to continue to respond to our neighbors in need.

I know nothing but Christ and Him crucified. Sacrifice.

Peace be with you all,
scott budzar

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