Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i fell

I think it is so funny when people fall and I got my ass handed to me yesterday, karmic retribution. I was running for my bus and it had been raining and I was skedaddling past a row of people and fell in the mud. I yelled "That did not just happen!" and two high school girls were staring with their mouths open in empathic horror. I intently did not look to see how many people had seen at the rush-hour intersection as the bus drove off. Drove off! I had run for nothing and my ass was coated with mud and the girls said "Do you have anywhere else to be?" and I said "Yeah...therapy." They said "At least you can discuss this with your therapist and she can support you!" I gimped onto the next bus with my muddy arse and after 45 muddy minutes on public transit I made it to therapist's office where we traded places and I sat on her leather chair and she sat on the upholstered couch.

Wish you could have seen it.

I watched this twice the other day so maybe I had it coming.


Snap to it! Sanp in time! said...

Oh, dear. Well, as an innocent unknown passerby, I wouldn't have laughed. But you would have read horror on my face. If the "I" had been there, I would have laughed at you. I'm glad you're in one piece again.

Still Breathing said...

Falling over has become a pastime here in the UK since everything was covered with white stuff and we're not used to it.

Jennifer said...

Oh man. I would have laughed at you for so long had I seen your fall. My friend Mike G and I used to hang out in Ann Arbor on icy days just to catch glimpses of folks falling.
Good times.