Monday, November 9, 2009

bad theology

My friend in Texas sent me this picture he took during church yesterday. He said he was visiting his parents and they'd been asking him to go to their church (it's called Brenham Bible Church) for a long time and he finally went, and he said it was horrifying - the sermon was on not being friends with Muslims. I just listened to the sermon online, just to rile myself up I guess. I can't believe this goes on. The Dave Bazan song "Backwoods Nation" kept playing in my head, this is what it was written about. The pastor is using the 2 John verse totally out of context. I asked our friend Rich about it and he said "That letter is basically an address against a specific group that are actively selling the claim that Christ's coming was a non-physical, spiritual reality (not human, not bodily) and true faith has to do with rejecting the physical world in favor of a "spiritual", pie-in-the-sky world. Basically, Gnostics. In other words, these aren't non-Christians, they are people claiming Christianity is something it is not and convincing people of it."

I think that people and teachings like this church are who the letter was about, not Muslims or other people who don't claim to be Christians. Some jaw-dropping parts of the sermon are at minute 42:30 where he said "Stay away from Muslims!" and at 47:20: "Stay away from them! That's what God's word says."

My blood pressure is too high from listening to this. This is all good fodder for my other blog though.


Rye said...

That is so beyond alarming it scares me to think of the people that remained in their pew without question.

Robert said...

I also find it disturbing that he is referring to what I am guessing is fort hood as "the single worst terrorist attack since 9-11" when there has yet to be a confirmed motive.

Straight from the Norse's Mouth said...

I wouldn't have stayed, I would have gotten up and left. Sad..

spinning said...

Good God. Though I'm not surprised.

Trev said...

"Stay away from them sand niggers, ya here? They'll give you cave aids!"

stephy said...

Trev, do you know that Bazan song? Here are the lyrics (to Backwoods Nation) -

Calling all rednecks to put down their sluggers
Turn their attention from beating the buggers
Pick up machine guns and kill camel fuckers

Backwoods nation...

Calling all doctors of spin and the smoke screen
To whip the new hate riots into a frenzy
Of good versus evil ignoring the history
Of the Backwoods Nation

Ain't it a shame
When due process
Stands in the way of swift justice

Calling all frat' boys
To trade in their hazing
Their keggers and cocaine
And casual date raping
For cabinet appointments
And rose-garden tapings

Backwoods, backwoods, backwoods......nation

spinning said...

Would I *love* to see this photo - and a tough investigative piece on bigotry among "Christians" - on p. 1 of The New York Times?

oh my......YES.

But I'm not sure they'd publish it.

Trev said...

Hey Steph, no I've never heard that song before. Disturbing lyrics to say the least. I guess the whole "redneck" culture isn't so talked about in Canada. We're aware of it, but it doesn't hold much relevence/hit close to home.

the nibbling marmot said...

I agree with Rye. It makes me so sad that people aren't even engaged enough to realize how deeply disturbing this is, not to mention how damaging that kind of hate spreading is. Ugh. Ugh!!!