Tuesday, October 6, 2009

things my friend's dad yelled during the huskies game

(My friend wrote down stuff her dad yelled at the TV during the Huskies game. She said this was about a quarter and a half's worth, chronologically).

Come on, take it in, Huskies!

They make the same fucking mistakes they make every fucking time!

Look-at-this-look-at-this!!! HA HA HA HO HO!!!

Come on, get outside get outside-! Ohhhhh brother. What a wimpy run.

[standing up close to the screen] OH SHIT--[politely] Oh, thank you. [accepts coffee]

False starts are gonna take 'em right outta the field goal range here!!

[very loud] GOT 'EM! Whoa-HO!!!!!

[quietly] he didn't make it [louder] Shit OHHHHHH SHIT. Goddamn you Huskies!!! Oh NO! Jeeeesus Christ, you guys [groan] I can see where this is heading...

[sincerely] Well, this is FUN! It's really startin' to look like these guys could beat Notre Dame!

Ohhhhh now shit you guys, you GOTTA get this ball, ohhhhh [breaks off into faux sobbing noises]. AH NO!!! Now how can you not catch that ball?!?!

He's got it!...OH FUCK

[very loud, very serious] I can't believe this. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. This is UNBELIEVABLE.

[happily] Automatic first down! Ahhhh yes! [clap] Here we go!

[very, very loud, standing up close to the screen] JESUS CHRIST!!!! YOUUU....SUCK!!! FUCK YOU, HUSKIES!!!!

[angrily] I wasted my WHOLE afternoon watching this game!

[pleasantly, sincerely] Boy, if they could pull this off, I'd be the happiest guy in Seattle.

[stomps outside to mow the lawn] I am NEVER watching those Huskies AGAIN!!!!!


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Jojoellen said...

oh man i was laughing so hard i was teary. ahahahahha. thats what our house sounded like too. I will never watch you huskies again shitttt ahahahaha. then next week right in front of the tube yelling again like it never happened last week.