Monday, October 12, 2009


I get a healthy amount of disgruntled comments at my other blog but yesterday I had a redeeming one. It was actually in response to a disgruntled comment on the pipe smoking post. The disgruntled comment was left by someone named Andrew and it said
"Wow, just finished looking over the blog, some of the stuff is pretty correct.
But still, what the hell do you think you are doing? I'm a believer but still,
are you approaching addressing Christians/"Christians" in a way as to which they
will grow from what you are saying or are you just pointing out, sometimes
rudely, the inconsistencies in people's lives without saying why this is bad or
can be fixed? Paul said I'm the first/greatest among sinners, did you write all
this with that attitude? In Christ's love.... oh wait, I just fit the stereotype
didn't I? Way to put Christians in a box. 2 points for you."
I get sad when I people leave comments like that, but then a comment was left that showed that some people do get my blog. Someone named Chrissy wrote
"Andrew, Stephy did not put Christians in a box. Christians did. She merely
points out that there IS a box in which many Christians live. Because you agree
with her observations, you are validating the evidence. Many times that box
confines us to simplicity. We are not liberated if we believe we must conform
ourselves to fit into the box. When I tried to fit the image that Christian
culture presented, I forgot who God created me to be. I was playing a role. I
was not free. Personally, I relate to this blog very much. The entries bring to
light the image that Christians are told they should fit. They point out things
that distracted me from being content in Christ's righteousness. I was trying to
perfect my own righteousness by climbing an elusive spiritual ladder that led
nowhere. When it disintegrated, I found I was home, on the ground, with Christ
where He comforts the weary. I assure you, Stephy does not write to deter people
from Christ. She writes to expose the trends which distract us from Christ, but
are performed in the name of Christ. They are harmful, half-truths that lead to
the term "cookie cutter Christian." Christ didn't come to make cookies. He came
to free human beings, shedding His blood, and conquering death that we might
live. It is "Good News!" If it means I have to conform to the cookie cutter
image, the news becomes very average. It means I must not be me. So, what the
hell is Stephy doing? She is "shedding light in hidden places." She uses humor
to share the observations that so many of us have experienced. We find kindred
spirits here. And we laugh together. Do not condemn us. "Laughter is good
medicine." Lord knows we need it! Life is so hard."
The feeling of being understood is amazing and I'm so glad to have found other people who are like me in this...this thing I've been dealing with for so long.


Still Breathing said...

Still here supporting you but others seem to get in ahead om these days.

Still Breathing said...

'om@???? should have been 'of me'

Anonymous said...

wow...nailed it. especially about climbing a spiritual ladder instead of being content in the righteousness of Jesus the Christ. actually your blog SCCL has been VERY eye opening, convicting and freeing. :)
- Alex