Saturday, May 26, 2012

church violence and healing and stuff

Ahhhhh tomorrow I'm going to share some of my story at church. Our pastor (I don't really like that word, negative connotations I guess, but I really like this guy) asked some of us to share part of our spiritual journey in observance of Pentecost and I'm totally excited to share it and also totally scared. I've told my story a little bit and I feel like I heal a little more every time I tell it and I also feel like I help open a bit of a way for others to heal when I say it out loud. It's still the worst though. Well, the worst and the best. So many great things happened in wake of the awful things that happened. Tomorrow I'll be focusing on how I got to the faith community I'm at now and what happened leading up to it was the second most painful thing I've been through. I still feel pain from it and I probably always will, how could I not, but as I tell it tomorrow I'll have to open myself back up to the violence that caused us to leave our old church so I'm getting ready for that.
There's no good way to end this. Hey, my podcast is on iTunes. We talk about wieners and Taco Bell.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

three things real quick

Oh hi! I have exactly three things I've been meaning to post about all week! Put your helmets on boys and girls (no, don't):

1. Simone's and my podcast Dongtini just got picked up by a podcast collective that I love and am excited about so YAY.

2. I talked to this lady I like, Ronna Detrick, and the conversation is here in case you've got an hour and want to hear. We talked about spiritual stuff, mainly. She was married to a pastor for a long time and they're not married anymore and she got her M.Div and has been though all kinds of things and we talked about feminism and theology. It was fun.

3. David wrote this bio for Dongtini and I laughed so hard I almost threw up:

“If you can have your pearl necklace and clutch it too, Stephanie Drury and Simone Turkington have a podcast for you to barely stomach. This podcast is a cry for help. That cry is, “We thirst for attention. And cock. But mostly attention.” Stephanie and Simone would like to be thwacked about the face and lips with ample and stately land-owning dongs while wearing fanciful party dresses that nobody can stop talking about. They would like their drinks to be stirred with dongs, their hair to be teased with dongs, and their various whorish shades of lipstick generously applied with dongs. Yours will do just fine. Get in line. These girls take all comers. Whatever the Statue of Liberty says to the boat people, Stephanie and Simone say to dongs.”

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

dongtini: transcontinental australian edition

On this episode: Transcontinental fortitude! Simone calls in from her snack nest in Australia and talks about the Aussie version of white trash (bogans). I am busted for humblebragging and then get sad that atheists call me dumb, a stranger shows Simone her nipple ring, and nothing is more hilarious than hipsters at the gym. Here or on iTunes.