Saturday, January 8, 2011

the 30-day christian music listening challenge

I decided to take this challenge. They invite our responses so I'll be blogging about it here. Day 1. Morgan Spurlock, signing off.


shelly said...

Good luck with that one. Eeep!

Still Breathing said...

What is Christian music? I notice they didn't define it.
Do you count JS Bach or Handel? What about church music written by non-believers? It still has the power to reveal the divine.
What about the great hymns of praise?
I presume that they meant Contemporary Christian Music but they didn't say that so you may have a chance of remaining relatively sane.
God bless.

rachel said...

good luck! let us know how it goes.

i can only stomach the folky stuff from the 60's and 70's, and by stomach i mean, i still love the records i grew up with as a child, that my dad listened to. also, i love christmas songs, and hymns for some reason, always get me choked up.
it's kinda frustrating...