Friday, October 22, 2010

kitties in sweaters

Yesterday I emailed this picture to Jona, Carrie and Simone, and their responses cracked me up.


Simone: "AHHHHHHH! Who can be sad after they saw a kitten in a sweater? I keep telling Gregg that I feel like Marnie needs clothes. She's too much of a lady to be walking around nekkid."

Carrie (who has no link because she deleted her blog to the detriment of society): "IT HURTS SO GOOD! This reminds me of my cat I used to stuff into my 'Hot Looks' doll clothes. They were supermodel dolls and their clothes fit cats PURRFECTLY, even the socks and sunglasses. That cat was so pliable!"

Simone: "We use to put our cat in Cabbage Patch clothes. Their fat arm holes were perfect for a cat, though Tootsie shouldn't have been wearing dresses because he was male."

Jona: said "We used to put our cat in the mailbox. Not to be mean to the cat, to be mean to the mailman."

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