Wednesday, August 25, 2010

throw out fifty things

I'm hella into this website called FlyLady. It seems to be directed towards the midwestern-midlife-crisis-cat-sweatshirt-wearing demographic, but I care not; I psychotically love it. I vastly prefer her to Martha Stewart, that smug cunt, and she's helping my house be all beautiful and organized and I'm super happy about it. It probably also helps that I'm reading this book called Throw Out 50 Things and I'm really getting off on it. FlyLady says "you can't organize clutter" and I'm like "you're right. I'm throwing out 50 things." Yee haw!

Yesterday my counselor was saying that spiritual abuse isn't nearly as popular a topic as most other forms of abuse. I said I wished there were a story group for that like the ones I've done before with other people who have been through similar situations to honor their stories and share them so you don't have to bear it alone. She said she only knows of a couple other people who would be interested. Do you know anyone who would be interested, besides me? Lemme know.

Here is a Judge Judy especially for Ryan and Simone. Have at it!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Those "Member Pampering Ideas" on that FlyLady website are amazing. Did you notice how almost everyone listed something about toenails and/or fingernails (almost always involving painting them with polish). My favorite though, was "Scrub my body with bath gel wearing those scratchy woven gloves ." lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Also, my husband and I recently discovered this old woman on YouTube who posts video diaries, and I think you might love her too.

One of my favorites:

stephy said...

I love that old lady's youtube channel!

Have you seen

stephy said...

Whoops, here is the real Napping Nanas link.

spinning said...

oh, thanks so much for the link to Etta's channel, flappergirl! She's v., v. cool.

Napping Nanas: hmm... Some of it is hilarious, some of it is creepy. (I guess I have mixed feelings about it since I'm definitely old enough to be a nana myself. ;))

Story group: again, hmm. I'd join you if I wasn't on the Other Coast, Stephy!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just added Napping Nannas to my Google Reader. As always, I can count on you for interwebby goodness. Thank you!

Kristen said...

Hey! I just stalkered my way over here from the link at Stuff Christian Culture Likes, and just wanted to say that I'd totally be down for a spiritual-abuse-story-share group, and might have a friend or two who might be interested, as well (ohyeah, I'm a Seattlite, too). Not sure if you meant 'random internet strangers' as part of 'anyone,' but well... yeah. :)


stephy said...

Yes, random internet strangers are fine, they'd be random strangers anyway in the group! I'll email you.