Tuesday, June 8, 2010

chocolate + horses + eating disorder = judge judy win

I love Judge Judy like an elderly person and I think horses are hilarious so imagine my demented delight over this case. My favorite quotes:

"We go through great lengths to put my horse in the best light possible."
"I have an eating disorder!"
"My horse looked deformed!"
"We ship semen all over the country."
""It's a reflection of the horse. If it looks deformed that's because the horse is deformed."
"Don't irritate me, this case is irritating me enough already."


Anonymous said...

My mom always tries to give everyone legal advice based on Judge Judy's rulings. I can't tell you how many times I've heard her say, "Well on Judge Judy..."

stephy said...

I gave someone legal advice straight from Judge Judy the other day! He said his neighbor's ferocious dog was coming at him and he wanted to hit the dog with a hammer. I told him that Judge Judy would say that he would be in the right to do that because it would be self-defense and the neighbor should have the dog fenced in or on a leash. I'm old!

Anonymous said...

lol. You're not old, just awesome.