Wednesday, February 24, 2010

kim's late horse

Fresh on the heels of the previous pensive/angsty post, I have to post about my coworker Shari's friend whose horse just died and all her facebook status updates are about it. I'm going to hell. Shari is kindly and dutifully emailing them to me.

"Kim is officially horse-less now. Bitter sweet. :( :( :( :( :("

"R.I.P. B Zip It Up aka Fran...=( u will be greatly missed and always loved by many!"

"Kim cannot beleave she is gone!!! =( God Fran you were my world I will never forget you! I ♥ you so much.."

"please god give me strength today..let it be better then the last few....I really need this!!"

"not truely sure that I am ready but I am off to the barn.. wish me luck!"

"Kim just wants to wake up from this nightmare... and see my sweetFrannie again.. I will miss her sweet kisses and nickers at me...godwhy did this happen?? life is sooo unfair! I have lost my parents andmy horse.. what else can you take from me? I am a fucking mess! how doyou come back from this? everyone says be stron...g... everythinghappens for a reason...FUCK THAT!! its not fair =("

And I love her profile.

Interests: All things out doors, showing horses, anything horsey =)
Favorite Music: A little bit of everything
Favorite TV Shows: csi house starter wife two and half men haha to many to list
Favorite Movies: bride wars, American Pie, idk lots of movies


Rye said...

That last FB update sent me into a horsey nicker. I want to see a picture of her.

Still Breathing said...

My parents were farmers before I was born and so being sentimental about animals is not something we do. So I was being totally unsympathetic until I read 'have lost my parents and my horse' and then I really felt for her. Sure a horse is a horse but we all need someone/thing to love.