Monday, August 6, 2012

my 7 yr old's complaints about her cereal this morning

I hate that kind.
I didn’t hate it when I picked it out in the store but I hate it now.
I can’t pour it myself.
I can’t pour the milk myself either.
Daddy always pours it right.
Daddy pours gooder than you.
Stop when I say stop.
Okay, stop.
(crying) You ruined it!
No, you CAN’T make it even by putting more cereal in.
I’m NOT eating it.
(picks out wet cereal and puts it on the counter)
I can’t eat it.
I need a new bowl.
No, don’t call daddy.
Daddy, mommy pours it awful.
I can’t eat it unless I get a new bowl and start over.
Okay, I’ll eat it. But I won’t like it.
*scene ends with everyone in tears*

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Still Breathing said...

Stephy, If I've got this right David gets to spend more time with the children than you; is that so? When our 2 were young Helen was at home with them so, on the odd occasions, when I had to look after them I was always being told "But Mummy does it this way" - or words to that effect. This made me feel like a failure as a parent as I wasn't good enough.

The good thing is it isn't personal and they do, eventually, grow out of it. Despite what it feels like at the time they never stop loving you.

God bless and PFATP