Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the stuff christian culture likes plugged in movie review of the week™

Focus on the Family reviews movies for any and all offensive content and it’s the most hilarious thing ever. Here’s my favorite this week.

The Stuff Christian Culture Likes Plugged In Movie Review of the Week™ is…“Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax!” Highlights include:

Spiritual content: “The Lorax might be taken as some sort of divine messenger.”

Sexual content: “Animated characters wear bikinis. Ted dreams of kissing Audrey—but never quite pulls it off.”

Violent content: “Truffula trees suffer the worst abuse in “The Lorax” but the film’s assortment of fauna don’t get off scot-free, either.” “The head of a statue gets sliced off.” “A donkey occasionally kicks people. Other animals make threatening moves toward the Once-ler before they’re distracted by…marshmallows.”

Crude or profane language: “There’s an unfinished “what the …?” and a use or two each of “gosh” and “darn.” Name-calling includes “weirdo,” “idiot,” “loser,” “dirt bag,” “beanpole,” “furry meatloaf” and ”crazy baby man.”

Drug and alcohol content: “None, though commercials for Mr. O’Hare’s bottled air mimic (and mock) the over-the-top glamour we sometimes see in real-world ads for beer.”

Other negative elements: “Once-ler breaks a promise to the Lorax and the rest of his woodland friends. A bird lays an egg in one of Once-ler’s bowls (grossing him out). The Lorax brushes his teeth with Once-ler’s toothbrush. We witness incredibly poor eating habits.”

Conclusion:The Lorax has already generated a bit of controversy, with Fox Business commentator Lou Dobbs taking it to task for trying to “indoctrinate our children”…with an unmistakable (and at times even heavy-handed) environmental message.” “For families really in need of those 94 minutes of distraction—and aren’t put off by the environmental preachiness—The Lorax is a solid choice.”

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Heather said...

Oh my goodness I had no idea! Love it!
"...We witness incredibly poor eating habits..."
Oh and "crazy baby man" - I should start using that!