Monday, January 16, 2012

things judah (age 10) said while watching "raising arizona" with me just now

"Is this going to be scary? What's it rated? Hmm. Are you sure?"

"Why'd she want to marry a criminal?"

"It's been going for 30 minutes and they FINALLY ran the title credits?"

"That is a high, high ceiling." (in the Huffhines' living room)

"Does the baby get back to their parents at the end?" Me: "I don't want to ruin it for you." "MOM, SERIOUSLY, PLEASE!"

"That's an awesome playroom for the babies. They're lucky."

"I think blue and orange are my favorite colors for M&Ms."

"I hate those kids. Can you imagine if the Supernanny got ahold of them?"

"Has it been an hour already? This is going as fast as Karate Kid!"

"This is a chaotic moment." (when Hi hijacks the van)

Me: "What if we got a wiener dog and named it Waffles?" Judah: "We'd have to discuss it over dinner."

"Get to the point!" (during Nathan Sr.'s monologue in the nursery)

"Hey, they all have manners now! Well, it's in his dream. It must have taken forever to get that shot."


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Karla said...

That's really rad. I'm pretty sure the only thing I said when I first saw Raising Arizona, when I was about Judah's age, was "This is boring." :p

michaelstevensrev said...

One of my favorites, very glad Judah was able to appreciate it on one level.